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We are leading Acid Black Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter. Other than Acid Black Dye Group Industries is even more recognized in the dyes industries for manufacturing, supplying comprehensive range of Reactive Dyes, Direct Dyes, Solvent Dyes and Food Colors.

Being leading Acid Dyes Manufacturer in Gujarat, we are most demanded brand in the industrial market. The offered range of Acid Dyes are water soluble anionic dyes that are applied to fibres such as silk, wool, nylon and customized acrylic fibres from neutral to acid dyes baths. Acid Dyes offered require the use of an acid such as vinegar, acetic or sulphuric acid to set the color. The word Acid Dyes sounds scary to some neophytes, who visualize that the dyes themselves are caustic strong acids. But few of them are significantly more toxic than fiber reactive dyes, while others are even safe enough to eat, and are sold as food coloring.

Acid Black Dyes Manufacturer

We are the manufacturers and suppliers and exporters of Acid Black which is made from higher quality fresh visible. The accessible goods are used to dyes. All our offered dyes are free from all the prohibited Amines and Eco-Friendly.

The below mentioned are the types of Acid Black Dyes Accessible with us.

  • Acid Black 1
  • Acid Black 2
  • Acid Black 24
  • Acid Black 26
  • Acid Black 35
  • Acid Black 52
  • Acid Black 54
  • Acid Black 58
  • Acid Black 60
  • Acid Black 63
  • Acid Black 71
  • Acid Black 84
  • Acid Black 107
  • Acid Black 172
  • Acid Black 194
  • Acid Black 210
  • Acid Black 234
  • Acid Black 235


Different type of the Acid dyes

The basic dyes are classified in various groups based on its leveling properties, fastness properties and generally classified in to three classes

Strong Acid Dyes

As the name of only suggest you that this dyes are applied in a strongly acidic medium which also called leveling dyes. Having wet fastness properties is a limitation. Dyes are very good to produce the combination shades.

Neutral Acid Dyes

Fast acid dyes having medium good wet fastness properties. The dyes have poor light fastness in pale shades. Many of the dyes are used as self-shades only. Applied to the fiber in a weakly acid or neutral Ph.

Weak Acid Dyes

Good fastness properties but having light fastness is moderate to poor. These dyes belong to the milling class of dyes.

Advantages of Acid Dyes

There are various advantages of acid dyes are
  • Dyes are soluble in water
  • The dyes are suitable for silk,  polyamide, wool and modified acrylics
  • Dyes are anionic in nature
  • The dyes are applied from a strongly acidic to neutral ph bath
  • A dye does not have an affinity for cotton cellulose.
  • Making good use inks, typewriter ribbons, and dyeing for leather as well.
  • High strength and substantively
  • Product is easy to use and can be used for various dyeing and printing task.

Application Areas of Acid Dyes

Our product acid dyes is extremely versatile and sought after in industries like
  • Textile
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • Ink
  • Coating
  • Cosmetic
  • Pharamactical
  • construction
Acid Black 210
Acid Black 210 Exporters
Acid Black 194
Acid Black 194 Exporters

Product are widely appreciated by our client due to its purity, effectiveness, stable, free from harmful chemical much more. We serve in many industries like chemical industry, food process industry, agriculture industry, textile industries, plastic industries, wax dyes much more. In addition to these our client avail these range of product in various packing option as per their

requirement. Varieties of standard dyes are also available like acid dyes, reactive dyes, direct dyes, food and lake color, pigment powder dyes, Lake Dyes, wood stain dyes and Metal complex dyes.

We have established a world class infrastructure facility that is fully equipped with a magnificent production unit and various other sections which comprise with large number of machine and equipment based on latest modern technology. To carry out smooth production process our infrastructure base is further segregated into various functional departments like production, quality control, R & D, warehousing, packaging, sales and marketing, etc. Further, the machine installed at our unit is operated with highly skilled and experience professional who ensure the production flawless. Dedicated skilled team who make us competent to offer an optimum quality product to our client. Acid Black Dye endeavor to distill all these factors by integrating technology and expertise, creating innovative solution that enables us to assist our client to new level of efficiencies in the market. We continually upgrade our infrastructure and capabilities to deliver world-class product and services.

Optimizing our excellent production capacity and vast market association we are capable in manufacturing and exporting a bulk amount of acid dyes product to our client within mutual agreed time frame. We are topmost supplier for Salt free dyes in all over USA, UK, China, United states, Venezuela, Qatar, Mexico, South Africa, Italy, Brazil , Latin America and Far east countries in food and ink application.

Why choose us

Acid Black Dye happens to stand at the forefront of high quality acid dyes, food colors, which is catering to different industries requirement. Client having depth knowledge commitment towards their concept and very deep comprehension toward client needs. Quality and accuracy enable us to move towards the part of the success of an organization.

We have been able to attain goodwill among our client for

  • High quality product
  • State of the art technology
  • Advanced technology
  • customization
  • high professional team
  • superior after sales service
  • Timely delivery
  • best business policies
  • competitive prices

Quality Assurance

Acid Black Dye are quality centric organization which believes that quality of product is directly proportional to the growth of the company. All product and basic dyes are procured from reliable and trusted manufacturer. Providing Superior quality of product to our client and ensure maximum satisfaction. Our products are aimed to complete customer satisfaction and surpass quality standards included by the market competition.

Quality parameters comprise:
  • User friendly
  • efficiency
  • Purity
  • Cost effectiveness.
Acid Black 234 Manufacturer

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